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Neosphere Interactive is a Mumbai based Game Development Company that was co-founded by two like-minded gentlemen with the main objective of creating Indian Military-themed PC games(Single-player and Multiplayer) based on real-world military operations and fictitious geo-political affairs.

Neosphere Games

Games 1-1971 : Indian Naval Front

Title - 1971 : Indian Naval Front
Platform - Steam
Genre - Tactical Shooter
Description - 1971 : Indian Naval Front is a Naval Warfare game based on the actual events of 1971 India-Pakistan War. The game highlights the contribution made by the Indian Navy that led to the liberation of Bangladesh. As a player, you would be commanding iconic ships like INS Vikrant, INS Rajput, INS Veer and many more and also engage in historic missions like, Operation Trident, PNS Ghazi Attack, defending INS Vikrant etc..
Release Date - Q3 2018

Games-2-1971 : ParaSF

Title - 1971 : ParaSF
Platform - Steam
Genre - Real-time Tactics
Description - 1971 : Para SF is a Special Force unit of the Indian Army attached to the Parachute Regiment. Our PC game based on the elite forces enables you as the player to play their elite warfare capabilities in a semi-realistic fashion. You will engage in covert missions in extremely hostile environments, paradropped behind enemy lines to rescue hostages, blow up terrorist installations, plan and execute surgical strikes, and many more adrenaline-packed tense missions; some of them based on real historical Para SF operations..
Release Date - TBA

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